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Yuri was born in 1934 in Tbilisi, Georgia. His love of the arts was first recognized in 1953 at the age of 19. In 1959 he graduated from the famous Georgian Academy of Arts majoring in Architecture. Upon graduation, Yuri with two other artists formed a group called "Sameuly", becoming the country's leading stage designers. Individually Yuri found his way into Georgian history: as a celebrated artist and a theatrical designer for over 30 years mastering both stage and international exhibitions of decorative arts. Throughout the 60's and 70's his passions had broadened and in a relentless pursuit of his expression for the arts he entered a new chapter of his career as a script writer, animator and director. Yuri's knowledge, views and passions are found throughout his work. His love for architecture can be seen in his series of famous bridge paintings including the Golden Gate Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Karlov Bridge, as well as many others. His love for music and the arts can be captured in his series of paintings called ŒArneytology Yuri's thorough understanding of human characteristics and the love of them are so instinctively projected on canvas that it's not only unbound but in fact you can feel his energy. Yuri's exceptional and constant study of literature and the arts from various parts of, the world made him an artist of the highest international caliber.

Yuri is a participant of many major international art exhibitions.


2003     Russian Culture EXPO, Quin Mary, Long Beach, California
2003     Art Expo, New York, NY
2002     Fine Art Gallery, Pasadena, California
2002     Artexpo. New York Jacob Javits Convention Center New York, NY
2001     Artexpo, San Francisco, California
1998     Seasons art gallery artists Guild of Russia. Moscow, Russia
1995     Russian Firebird Art Festival. Studio City, CA
1984     Annual fall exhibition, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
1983     Soviet Scinography. Edinbourg, Great Britain
1983     Soviet Scenography. Paris, France
1982     Group Exhibition of Georgian Artists. Move; Theater. Kishinev, Moldova
1982     Group Exhibition of Georgian Artists. Move; Theater. Riga, Latvia
1981     Georgian Artists Exhibition, Central Art Gallery. Tbilisi Republic of Georgia
1980     Group Exhibition of Georgian Artists. Move; Theater. Tashkent, Uzbekistan
1980     Georgian Artists Central Gallery. Moscow, Russia
1980     Group Exhibition of Georgian Theatrical Artists. Leningrad. Russia
1979     Book Illustration, Personal Exhibition. Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
1979     Personal Exhibition, Gallery of Merani. Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
1979     Group Exhibition of Theatrical and Move Artists. Moscow, Russia
1978     Group Exhibition of theatrical Artists. Kiev, Ukraine
1977/1972     Moving exhibition; Germany, Austria, India, Poland, England
1977     Annual Republican Exhibition, Central Gallery. Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
1977     Exhibition of Scenography Artists. Vilnius, Lithuania
1977     Georgian Theatrical Artists Group Exhibition. Moscow, Russia
1977     Caucasian Republic¹s Artists Manege Gallery. Moscow, Russia
1976     Georgian Theatrical Artists. Leningrad, Russia
1976     Maneg Gallery. Moscow, Russia
1975/1971     World Art Exhibition of Stage Designers, II Qwadriennale. Prague, Czechoslovakia
1975     Central Gallery. Tbilisi, Georgia
1975     Manege Gallery. Moscow Russia
1974     Georgian Artists Exhibition. Saarbruken, West Germany
1973     IV Annual Poster Exhibition. Vilnius, Lithuania
1973     Personal Exhibition, Gallery of Actors Club. Tbilisi, Georgia
1970     Theatrical Poster and Design, Eastern Art Museum. Moscow, Russia
1969     Days of Georgian Culture. Zul, Germany
1968     World Exhibition of Scenery Art, II Triennale. Novyu Sad, Yugoslavia
1967     World Exhibition of Scenery Art, lX Biennale. San Paulo, Brazil
1967     Exhibition of Move, Theatrical and Television Artists. Moscow, Russia
1966     800th Birthday of Shota Rustavely Cultural Center. Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
1965     Caucasian Republics Move, Theatrical Artists Exhibition. Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
1965     Theatrical and Move Artists Exhibition. Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
1961     Georgian Posters and Add 1955-66, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

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