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Giorgi Revazishvili's paintings with regards to universe, differ with extraordinary conceptual and variety experiments, characterize with tendency to renovation self voice and eternal quest Expressiveness. Giorgi grew up in Tbilisi and uses this exciting urban landscape to explore perceptual shift in Time and space. Although, deceptive stable various elements frequently dominate his scenes, Giorgi Revazishvili realizes a delicate balance in his art between a method of direct observation and an embrace of sensory experience. He bland the effects, has the harmonies sing with taste and confidence, constantly alert to the perfect control of colors, composition and rhythms in the domain of painting. Every emotion presupposes candor, and artists tend to convey thought emotions with the help of color, line and shape. The absence of decorative spirit, that seemed in artist's earlier works, transformed into decorative supremacist vision. This fanciful decorativeness is found equally in the outer and inner world. That is the world of immaculate memories and allusions, which the author alone can fully grasp. Technically, says artist, I am interested in the combination of opposites: figurative and abstract, energetic surface with supremacist sign. The language in my art is the language of poetry and I believe in poetry and color. People can encounter various feelings when they glance at my works and this is what I desire to accomplish. I create all the decisions when it comes to painting; consequently I have authority over the composition, color and drawings. I am in control of the harmony the paintings express making me the conductor of my artworks; this is what gives me the pleasure of being an artist.I decide a painting is completed on the basis that it has good composition, there is a relationship between colors, shapes and rhythm, and the paintings themselves are telling a story. The most important moment and most professional question is when is it time to finish a painting.In my opinion it is very meaningful to make people happy. I want to shock people, not through ugliness but through beauty. I wish to offer people a gate to another world where they can escape all their troubles and enter into a world of happiness, excitement and have a feeling of well being. Before the commencement of a painting I can envisage approximately seventy percent. The other thirty percent is determined in the final stages of the painting. This thirty percent is where I have the freedom to improvise and arrange colors, composition and shapes accordingly, and to make a final decision. I wont my work to express the complexity and intensity of life as I feel it. I would like my art to help open people's eyes to the textures and meaning of our lives. Above all, I hope it will turn people around.


2010 March     "Spring Verssage 2010" NoHo California
2009 March     "Spring Vernissage" NoHo, California
2009 December     "Winter Vernissage 2009" NoHo Celifornia
2008 March     Vernisage "Spring 2008" NoHo,California
2008 December     Vernissage "Winter 2008" NoHo,California
2007 September     "Artexpo" Las Vegas,Nevada.
2007 March     "Spring Vernissage" at Golden Deer Art Gallery,North Hollywood,Ca
2007 Decamber     Verniosage "Winter 2007" .NoHo ,California
2006 September     American Art Festivals,Santa Monica,Ca
2005 Nov/Dec     "Georgia On My Mind", Medea Gallery,San Pedro,Ca
2003/2004     Russian Culture Expo,Qun Mary,Lng Beach, California
2003 November.     American Art Festivals.San Diego,California
2003     Old gallery Tbilisi, Georgia
2003     Personal Exhibition in Tbilisi History Museum's Gallery Karvasla
2003     "Gallery Hobby" Tbilisi,Georgia
2003     Invited to exhibition in Agora Gallery, New York, USA
2003     Invited to exhibition in the Florence bienale
2002     Christmas exhibition. Blue gallery. Tbilisi, Georgia
2000     The artist's gallery, Ridgwood, NJ, USA
1999     CCNS art show. Rowytton, Connecticut, USA
1996     East museum, Moscow
1996     People friendship house. Moscow
1995     Georgian embassy in Russia, Moscow
1994     Fargo Moscow gallery, Moscow
1994     Personal exhibition in America and Canada institute, Moscow
1992     Expo center, Moscow
1991     Free artist's exhibition, blue gallery Tbilisi, Georgia
1990/1991     Avangardist artist's exhibition, blue gallery Tbilisi,Georgia

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