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Vazha is an artuist who impresses you not only with his talent,but his sence of humor.With exrtaordinary technical skills and imagination he creates unique drawings.In Vazha's hands colored pencils transforms white paper into whimsical world of fairytale.His work has been exhibited internationaly,he was futered in "Who Is Who" and in 2004 was elected "Men Of The Year" by American Biographical Institute.
Vazha's unique technical skills and style has captured the attention of art collectors critics and media.His works are in many privet collections and museums all over the world.


2010 March     "Spring Vernissage 2010" NoHo California
2009 March     "Spring Vernissage" NoHo, California
2009 December     Winter Vernossage 2009 NoHo california
2008 March     Vernisage "Spring 2008" NoHo. California
2008 December     Vernissage "Winter 2008" NOHO,California
2007 September     "Artexpo" Las Vegas,Nevada.
2007 March     "Spring Vernisage" at Golden Deer Art Gallery,North Hollywood,Ca
2007 December     Varnisage "Winter 2007" NoHo. California
2006 September     American Art Festivals,Santa Monica,Ca
2005 Nov/Dec     "GeorgiaOn My Mind",Medea Galleery,San Pedro,Ca.
2005 March     "Artexpo",New York,NY

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