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Mamuka Didebashvili was born in 1968 in Tbilisi,capital of Republic of Georgia.He studied at the I.Nikoladze School of Art from 1983-87 and in the painting department of Tbilisi's State Art Academy from 1990-96.
Since the days of studenhood at the acdemy he participate in art exhibitions in Georgia as well as abroad.


2010 March     "Spring Vernissage 2010" NoHo California
2009 March     "Spring Vernissage" NoHo,California
2009 December     "Winter Vernissage 2009" NoHo California
2008 March     Vernisage "Spring 2008" NoHo,California
2008 December     Vernissage :Winter 2008" NoHo, California
2007 Winter     Vernisage "Winter 2008", NoHo, California
2007     "Triptich" Gallery,Kiev,Ukraine
2007     Art Ireland (Spring),dublin,Ireland
2007     Chelsea Art Fair,London,UK
2007     Artexpo,Las Vegas,Nevada,USA
2006     Central Office of "Rossiyskaya gazeta",Moscow,Russia
2006     Chelsea Art Fair,London,UK
2006     "Georgian House" Cultural Center,Moscow,Russia
2006     The Dulwich Art Fair,London,UK
2006     Affordable Art Fair,London, UK
2006     Art Ireland (Winter),Dublin,Ireland
2005     Embassy of Georgia in London,London,UK
2005     Chelsea Art Fair,London,UK
2005     Art Ireland (Summer),Dublin,Ireland
2005     "Saarlandisches Kunstlerthaus",Saarbrucken,Germany
2005     Art Ireland (Winter),Dublin,Ireland
2005     Art Manezh,Moscow,Russia
2004     "HMS President"on the river Thames,London,UK
2004     Art Sokolniki,Moscow,Russia
2004     Art Manezh,Moscow,Russia
2004     Hogarth's Club,London,UK
2003     Art Sokolniki,Moscow,Russia
2003     Art Maezh,Moscow,Russia
2002     "Hay Hill" Gallery,London,UK
2000     "Prospero's Bookshope",Tbilisi,Georgia
1999     "Hobby" Gallery,Tbilisi,Georgia
1998     "Edison" Gallery,T Hague,Netherlands
1992     Modern Art Gallery,Tbilisi,Georgia

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